The Top 15 Gay(ish) Blogs

Gays are everywhere. Want proof? Politics (, pop culture (, and something for everyone (, The Advocate tracks down the 15 best gay(ish) blogs online.



TOP GAY BLOGS PEREZ HILTON ILLUSTRATION Perez Hilton has come a long way since the days when he used to draw obscenities on people's pictures and post them online. OK, so he still does that (at least once a week with people like Megan Fox and Kirstie Alley). But Hilton has also evolved. In the wake of his much-publicized row with Miss California over gay marriage, Hilton has emerged as a gay rights advocate for the masses: Speaking eloquently on Larry King Live, using his blog to bring attention to human rights causes, and, through his connections to the teen celeb set, getting girls like Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag to voice their support for marriage equality. Reading The Slog, a blog housed by indie weekly newspaper The Stranger, will make anyone want to live in Seattle. Add the fact that it has a diverse team of writers and is infused with humorist, advice columnist, and news blogger Dan Savage's wit, and you have a good morning read. Pam Spaulding's blog isn't flashy, but it doesn't need to be: It's smart. In the rush to update their content, most sites don't find time to analyze. Not Pam -- her news-centered content delves into issues of race, religion, and politics and their affect on gay and transgender people. Spaulding launched Pam's House Blend during the 2004 presidential campaign as a place for people to discuss issues intelligently; hence the coffeehouse-related name.