The Top 15 Gay(ish) Blogs

Gays are everywhere. Want proof? Politics (, pop culture (, and something for everyone (, The Advocate tracks down the 15 best gay(ish) blogs online.



TOP GAY BLOGS PINK ILLUSTRATION If you want gossip without a heaping pile of snark bordering on cruelty, Trent is your man - and Pink Is the New Blog is the site. A sexy overhaul a few months ago has definitely put Pink on a more professional level. : Out Magazine 's pop culture blog is a little bit fashion, a little bit alterna-chic, and a whole lot of fun. From exclusive photos from big gay events to one off-chats with gay(ish) celebs like Katy Perry, Tori Amos and Pete Wentz, Popnography has a lock on the pulse of gay entertainment -- and manages to make it all looks so damn glamorous.

Rod 2.0: Self-described former "television producer-writer-gym-rat-wannabe-novelist" Rod McCullom is the mind behind Rod 2.0, a popular gay news blog. With an emphasis on African-American LGBT issues, McCullom writes about subjects like AIDS rates in Chicago, Maya Angelou campaigning for marriage equality, and the president's unfulfilled promises to gay Americans. In between all the news, Rod manages to squeeze in a few cheesecake shots of stars like L.L. Cool J.

-- List compiled by Matthew Breen, Neal Broverman, Michelle Garcia, Scott McPherson, Amita Parashar, Trudy Ring, Ross von Metzke, and Hunter Trevelyan Wyndham

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