Top Political Blogs

From Joe.My.God to The Daily Beast, spotlights a few of the best blogs that cover politics, inside and way outside the Beltway.



There's no denying that blogs are a major contributor to the daily news cycle, and as such, has decided to rank some of our favorites. Listed below with their Technorati ranking (a directory that takes on the task of ranking the number of websites that view you as a relevant news source) are some of the blogs we go to each morning to see what's happening in the political world.

The Bilerico Project : To be fair, Bilerico is a little bit of everything, but as the famous expression of the feminist movement goes, the personal is political. Bilerico deploys citizen journalists and experts across the country to report back to its loyal readers each day on events and the hot topics of the day. The big-name celebrities may lend their voices to The Huffington Post, but the insightful gays blog for Bilerico. Technorati rank: 4,030

GayPatriot : Admittedly, many liberal gays probably would prefer to surround themselves with others who love the idea of universal health care and roar loudly for hate-crimes legislation. But Bruce Carroll and Dan Blatt at GayPatriot challenge all LGBT folks to question their leaders -- political and not -- and the issues that identify them. Though we might not agree with everything said there, GayPatriot provokes conversation, which all good political blogs should do. Besides, the greater GOP is not exactly in high regard right now, and the party's gays and their allies may be the ones who whip out the defibrillators to revive the compassionate heart of the Right. Technorati rank: 5,340