Top Political Blogs

From Joe.My.God to The Daily Beast, spotlights a few of the best blogs that cover politics, inside and way outside the Beltway.




Immigration Equality's Blog : When it comes to gay issues, hot-button topics like "don't ask, don't tell" and marriage equality (or lack thereof) tend to monopolize the cable news crawl -- often to the exclusion of equally heinous injustices. Nevertheless, Immigration Equality, which lobbies for LGBT immigration rights sorely missing from current U.S. law, seems to be doing just fine, thank you. The group has been instrumental in formulating two bills currently before Congress and features an incisive sampling of immigration issues on its blog. Technorati rank: n/a

BlogActive : Anyone who's seen Outrage! knows how Michael Rogers made a name for himself -- outing closeted, antigay politicians. And while doesn't deal exclusively in outing antigay conservatives, much of what Rogers blogs about has to do with hypocrisy. And since he has a reputation as one of the most feared men in Washington, you'd better believe that when Rogers sniffs out a story, it's good ... really good. Technorati rank: 40,107

David Mixner : Best known as the man who took President Bill Clinton to task over "don't ask, don't tell" (which effectively made him persona non grata at the White House), out spoken gay rights activist and political advisor David Mixner's take on Washington is one of experience and history. Most recently, Mixner made waves by yanking his financial support from and LGBT fundraiser for the Democratic National Convention. Technorati rank: 86,797