Top Political Blogs

From Joe.My.God to The Daily Beast, spotlights a few of the best blogs that cover politics, inside and way outside the Beltway.




Politico : Since its launch in early 2007, has quickly became the go-to site for people who care about national politics. The site prides itself on keeping pace with Web advances and embracing changes in journalism while continuing to provide rigorous, accurate political reporting. "We're not a circa-1999 venture trying to catch Internet lightning in a bottle," editor in chief John Harris, who jumped ship from The Washington Post to start the venture, told TheWashingtonian. Online, on TV, and also in print in the D.C. area, Politico covers and analyzes Washington like no other. Technorati rank: 5

Joe.My.God : The name sounds salacious, but the content is anything but. Not to say Joe Jervis's six-year-old blog is boring -- it just gets to the point when it comes to gay politics and news. Reporting from New York, Jervis also has his ear to Washington. He seamlessly blends big-picture posts (on the White House, GLAAD, "don't ask, don't tell" protests) with more local stories, covering gay bashings that often go unreported. Technorati rank: 1,906 : The largest gay rights group lobbying in Washington, it would make sense that the HRC should have its finger on the pulse of what's happening with gay rights. But HRC Backstory frequently shifts the focus to smaller battles taking place across the country - from marriage in Maine to a list of ex-gay groups doing business in the United States.