Top Political Blogs

From Joe.My.God to The Daily Beast, spotlights a few of the best blogs that cover politics, inside and way outside the Beltway.




The Atlantic's The Daily Dish : Firebrand Andrew Sullivan operates this uber-popular, insidery Atlantic magazine blog. Launched nine years ago (and not affiliated with The Atlantic at that time), Sullivan's site is a barrage of need-to-know D.C. updates. But it's a bit like Twin Peaks; if you're not a regular visitor to The Daily Dish, it can be a bit hard to catch on, thanks to many exposition-less references to names, incidents, and articles. But stick around -- Sullivan knows what's worthy of mention and what's not, and most readers feel like D.C. insiders after a few days. The gay, Roman Catholic, British-born Sullivan covers a wide array of Beltway issues but regularly finds room for a post on DOMA or ENDA. Technorati rank: 23

Five Thirty Eight : If you're a poll dork like some of us, you've already had an RSS feed of Five Thirty Eight pumping into your bloodstream since the presidential primaries. Opinion polls can be a cold way of getting the temperature of the nation's voters, but Nate Silver -- the brilliant electoral vote projector behind the website -- and contributor Sean Quinn do it with a style that replicates a Saturday of fantasy baseball. Technorati rank: 63

Gay Politics : Perhaps you remember Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern's asinine tirade against gays caught on tape last year? That alone is reason to include on this list. GayPolitics is run by the Victory Fund, which already has the scoop on a majority of openly LGBT politicos. Technorati rank: n/a