Aug Sept 2016
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Sure, anyone can put just about anything on YouTube (or YouPorn, for you wilder readers), but the best videos are the ones that get so much attention that even your grandmother e-mails a link to you. Some virals -- videos that have spread like wildfire -- gain notoriety for putting politicians on the spot on big issues. Some of them are just outrageously hilarious. In either case, you've probably posted a few of these to your Facebook profile or e-mailed the links to everyone you know with the subject line "OMFG THIS IS HILARIOUS LMAO!"

So, just in case you're planning to film your own gay or gay-adjacent viral video, here are a few we've pieced together for inspiration.


Miss California USA Responds to Gay Marriage Question From Perez Hilton


NOM: The Gathering Storm


Ellen DeGeneres vs. John McCain: Gay Marriage

Prop 8: The Musical!


Queen: "We Are the Champions," Live


Lane Hudson Gets Answers From Bill Clinton on DOMA/DADT at Netroots Nation

Banned: Adam and Eve, the Gay Version


Leave Britney Alone!


Shoes: The Full Version


It's a Candy Bra!!! By Loco Mama