Randy Rainbow: Mel Gibson's Rainbow Connection

Oksana who? Gay blogger Randy Rainbow reaps the rewards of an abusive fantasy relationship with Mel Gibson in his latest YouTube satire.



When did you start making videos?
I believe one of my first videos is of me as a flamboyant 8-year-old, acting out a live version of The Wizard of Oz — in the role of Dorothy, obviously. Back then, I think my main goal was to be Judy Garland, but now I just hope to entertain people. And to be Judy Garland.

Who’s your YouTube idol?
Remember that big black girl who fell off the table while she was singing? I would love to be her.

Did you have any help filming the Mel Gibson video?
My process is a very lonely one. It’s just me alone in my apartment with my video camera. My cat sits off-camera and looks at me funny. Sometimes he feeds me my lines.

So what’s your story, Randy?
I’m a Long Island Jew. I was actually raised in South Florida from the age of 9, but there’s nothing funny about that. I have a performing background — mostly musical theatre — and I’m a writer. I’ve always been a ham and I like to think of myself innately as a comedian. I come from a very funny family, so I guess it’s in my genes. I’ve yet to give stand-up a go, but it’s always in the back of my mind. Ultimately, I’d love to write and act for film and television. I also hope to one day have my own talk show. I hear Oprah has an opening on her new network.

Randy Rainbow — is that your real name or what?
Ain’t no way I’d make that shit up. It sounds like the corniest stage name ever, but it is in fact on my birth certificate. I used to think, Why couldn’t my parents have gone with Mike or Adam, so at least I wouldn't have the double-R alliteration? But I guess if you're going to have a really fruity name, you might as well go full-out.

How did that name work out for you as a kid?
It was a very trying childhood, believe you me. I just thank the good Lord for making me a homosexual and not a really butch football player or something. Things could be a lot worse right now.

Tell me about your blog, the Randy Rainbow Bloggity Blahg-Blahg.
Well, I’m a big show queen, so I started the blog a few years ago to document my theatrical experiences. After a while, though, it also became a place for me to tell stories and kvetch about my day-to-day as a single homo in the city. It’s very cathartic, and it’s gotten nice recognition, mostly from the gay and theatre communities. Aside from getting Mel Gibson to date me, it’s led to some pretty amazing opportunities and writing gigs.

You’re having an official premiere party for “Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson” August 9 at Splash in New York. Are you nervous that Mel will crash the event and cause a scene?
I only wish; I could use the press. I’m sure Mel will be otherwise engaged that night, so I won’t get my hopes up. Plus, he hates gays and Jews, so there’s that. But I’m still crazy about the guy.