Ruffling Some (Peacock) Feathers



CALIFORNIA GAYS PEACOCK 3 X390 (RYAN JAMES YEZAK) | ADVOCATE.COMIs there a Katy Perry trend here we are seeing? Have you thought about what’s next on your list?

want to do Britney Spears again. I’ve done one video of hers before.
I’m waiting for her to drop a new single. I really want to do one with
someone who looks and dances like Britney. And I really want to try to
create a video where people would see it and go “Woah, is that actually
Britney?” So they really get confused. And since I obviously don’t have
access to direct Britney’s real videos, I want to create my own version.
Like I do with all my videos. I create my own interpretations, which I
think are always comedic to some extent — and sometimes artistic — but I
want to do it all seriously and not have any room for people to
misinterpret what I’m doing. But also, I’d like to have some sort of
involvement in Katy Perry’s actual video, so that’s the hope. The whole
reason I started doing these videos was the idea that if these artists
wouldn’t let me direct and edit their videos, then I would just do it on
my own until I gained enough recognition to be able to. It’s definitely
getting closer, so maybe that will happen eventually.

Have you heard from Katy regarding this video yet?

tweeted about it yesterday, but I haven’t heard anything direct. She seems to
like it, and feels like she has some competition. [Laughs] So that’s good!