Always and Forever



It’s the perfect union. The producers of Craigslist’s fledgling TV department, on the lookout for meaningful original content, read an ad posted by Reverend Lorelei Starbuck just prior to the overturning of California’s Proposition 8, in which she offered to officiate same-sex marriage ceremonies. “We saw Lorelei's posting and decided to follower her working with a client couple,” producers Drew Brown and Bob Gillan recall. “Little did we know, the weeks that followed would have so many ups and downs for the gay community—and everyone who cares about this issue.” The producers decided to chronicle Starbuck and the pending nuptials of Michael and Luca for Craigslist TV, an online documentary series. Starbuck speaks with about everyone’s right to love and marry and how she found a sympathetic ally with the popular online service.

The Advocate: What’s behind your desire to marry same-sex couples?
Lorelei Starbuck: I have been an advocate for the right to marry and have been doing weddings for many years. After Prop. 8, I saw a significant decrease in same-sex couples making commitments to one another…getting married. And I know what it is a powerful motivational tool is to have [the marriage certificate], but I also know that love is love. In a perfect world, I would like every same-sex couple to commit themselves to one another regardless of that piece of paper.

How did Craigslist TV come into the picture?
The video is just a bi-product of the Craigslist ad. They saw my post, contacted me, we talked and took the next step from there. For me, it wasn’t about publicity, but about allowing people to express their love and get married. I don’t want it to be sensationalized. I don’t want it to be what the mainstream press tends to grab onto when they look for same-sex couples. I just want it to be about the love and I want it to be beautifully done.

How did Michael and Luca find you?
They found me on my website. We talked on the phone and met, found it to be a match, and went forward. Interestingly enough, right after that I met with the Craigslist people and was asked if I had a couple. I told them I had just booked a couple so it was just perfect timing.