Major Disappointment

Mikala Bierma has made quite the viral impression in the last two weeks with Disappointing Gay Best Friend, her new series of video shorts opposite Tyler Coates.




But have you heard from Brian Gallivan, the Sassy Gay Friend guy?
I met him a few times when we were both performing in Chicago. He’s super-nice, and I think his videos are funny. We should do a world tour together.

As your videos suggest, straight girls sometimes place unfair expectations on their gay male friends, perhaps due to their stereotypical mainstream portrayals in TV shows and movies like Will & Grace, Sex and the City, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Should gay male friends play a role in a woman’s life that’s different from that of other friends?
The only thing I expect from my gay friends is amazing hand-job tips, and I’m finally getting good at it. Really, I think a gay friend should be held to the same friend standards as anyone else. A woman expecting a gay man to make her feel better about herself is so 2008. Friendship is a two-way street. I love to hang out with Tyler because we have a great time and similar interests: We both love cocktails, going to a show, and giant dicks.

As far as other gay BFF portrayals in entertainment, what’s the ultimate straight female–gay male friendship against which all others should be measured?
I love Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman — their “Bestie x Bestie” videos are great. And Scooter and Skeeter from Muppet Babies.

Tell me more about your friendship with Tyler Coates — and feel free to include embarrassing personal details about him that he wouldn’t want anyone else to know.
We met through a friend I performed with in Chicago. We both moved to New York last fall, and that’s when he became my gay boyfriend. Tyler is the greatest. He’s supportive and fun. Something embarrassing? He only eats cereal and hot dogs. It’s gross. Oh! He just got his boobs done, and they look amazing.

Does he ever change that plaid shirt?
We thought it would be funny if I changed for each video and he always looked the same. He’s been seriously hungover both times we shot, so I think that helps him look so disappointing. He’s method.

Is he aware that he looks like Jesse Tyler Ferguson?
Yes, he knows that he looks like JTF. Are people shortening his name yet? Well, I am. He actually gets stopped in the street and asked for his autograph. It’s so funny, because Tyler is just like, “Really? I’m not him.” In possibly the most gay moment in TV history, Tyler met JTF — I’m still doing that — at a taping of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. I think Tyler also looks a little like Anthony Rapp from Rent. I’d know, because I had that poster on my wall growing up. I love to sing, “How we gonna pay last year’s rent?” to an annoyed Tyler. He used to dress more like a character from Rent too — striped scarf and all.

Watch Disappointing Gay Best Friend's "Make Up" video below.