Major Disappointment

Mikala Bierma has made quite the viral impression in the last two weeks with Disappointing Gay Best Friend, her new series of video shorts opposite Tyler Coates.



DISAPPOINTING GAY BEST FRIEND 3 X390 (COURTESY)  | ADVOCATE.COM What’s your history with gay men?
I’ve always had lots of loving gay men in my life. My parents are musicians who had all sorts of artists — gays — around us growing up. One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting between two drag queens at Thanksgiving dinner. Fifth-grade Mikala was in awe. We have an amazing picture somewhere. There’s a natural attraction between strong funny ladies and gay men. A silly sense of humor is necessary for any friendship I build, and I’ve just found a lot of silly ol’ queens out there.

Since their debut on March 10, the Disappointing Gay Best Friend videos have already been featured on a number of major blogs. What doors do you hope that recognition opens?
I have simple dreams: Meet RuPaul, be on Bravo, and have my own float in a gay pride parade. Really, I’d just love to keep telling jokes that make people happy. And also to be so famous — or gaymous — it hurts.

You’ve posted other comedy videos on your YouTube channel in the past. Why do you think Disappointing Gay Best Friend became such an overnight hit?
I think people can identify with what we’re doing. And they’re short. People like short things.

What was the moment that you realized you were onto something special?
When the videos were posted on the Manhunt blog. I’ve never been featured next to an advertisement for a live sex show.

The comments section of a gay blog can sometimes be a vicious place. What’s the feedback been like from the gay community?
The comments have been really nice. Well, I got a little heat for saying “hot tranny mess” in one video, but I was making reference to Christian Siriano’s catchphrase on Project Runway and trying to get Tyler to do that whole catty queen thing with me. I love transgender people. I love all people. And animals. And all the other things that might make you mad if I didn’t like them. Oh, and people also keep saying that my face is annoying. I’m like, It’s my face — I know!

Have you gotten any negative feedback from conservative viewers because of the gay angle?
Nope. Maybe they all came to their senses. You’re welcome, America.

Have sassier gay men applied to be your friend? Fear of being replaced might scare some sass into Tyler.
Nah. I’ve got sassy gay friends in my life, and I love them all. But I would love to see Tyler get a gay makeover. He would look amazing in a sheer shirt.

Can you give us a preview of some upcoming disappointments?
Girl, you’ve got to watch!

By the way, Sassy Gay Friend is now using his videos to push a new water enhancer that sponsors him. Which brands should approach Disappointing Gay Best Friend for an endorsement deal?
Actually, Tyler will be drinking Snapple in every future episode, and I just got the cutest Pepsi logo face-tattoo.