Got a Buck? Help an Artist



Out and Around
The Goal: $6,000
The Deadline: Aug. 1
Cool Perk for Contributions: Those who pledge $25 will receive Jenni and Lisa's e-book, How to Take a Break From Your Life and Follow Your Dreams NOW.

Out and Around is a collection of conversations with gay people around the world who are creating change for the LGBT community. Jenni and Lisa need help to fund their global trip interviewing "supergays" like John Lewis and Stuart Gaffney, a lawyer couple who tirelessly campaigns for marriage equality, and Maria Caruana, a pastor whose mission it is to reach gay people who have been hurt by the church. To record 50 interviews across 15 countries for their 10,000 website visitors, the duo needs donations to cover marketing, website, and production costs, as well as new gear.

Watch their pitch below, and visit their Indie Gogo page here.

Out and Around: Our journey from Jennifer Chang on Vimeo.