Crowdfunding Campaigns You Should Consider This Week

From new collections of music to moving documentaries, these crowdfunded LGBT projects are worthy of a gander.



Project: Vuto: a novel about Africa, women & the Peace Corps (Kickstarter)

Vuto is out author A.J. Walkley’s third book and the premise was inspired by her experience as a health volunteer in the Peace Corps, stationed in Malawi, Africa. As a member of the Peace Corps, she was exposed to many cultural traditions including the "two week rule" of birth – when a child is born in the village, it must survive for two weeks before its father will acknowledge its existence. If the child dies before the two week point is reached, the mother and women of the village bury the child and the father will never know he had a child at all. This tradition forms the basis for her novel, Vuto. Though Walkley has already reached her $3,000 goal, additional funds pledged will be used to fund the book trailer, marketing costs, and book tour.