Crowdfunding Campaigns You Should Consider This Week

From new collections of music to moving documentaries, these crowdfunded LGBT projects are worthy of a gander.



Project:  Out in the Night – New documentary film by Blair Doroshwalther (Kickstarter)

Out in the Night follows the journey of a group of African American teenagers who went to a gay-friendly neighborhood in New York City for a night out in 2006 and were confronted by an older man on the street. They defended themselves. Strangers jumped in to support them and a fight ensued. However, only the women were rounded up by police and charged and convicted as perpetrators of gang assault. They became known as The New Jersey 4. The film examines the events after the fight: biased media coverage likening the women to “man-hating” animals, and unprecedentedly harsh sentencing by the court. This story shows how four young, queer women of color were unfairly criminalized for defending themselves.