Four LGBT Projects You Could Give Money To This Month

Thanks to Kickstarter and IndieaGoGo, there is never a shortage of worthy LGBT projects seeking money. Here are a few we deem worthy this week.




FUNDRAISER: Help Save Todd Heywood's Home and Health!

Todd Heywood is a respected, HIV-positive journalist who covers HIV and AIDS as well as LGBT issues for HIV Plus magazine and other media outlets, including his blog He also works full time as an investigative reporter for the American Independent News Network, though he's currently on medical leave. For a while now, Heywood has been struggling with issues regarding his immune system and as a result is vulnerable to certain infections. However, recently his doctor determined that a contributing factor to his declining health is his house — a problem that requires thousands of dollars to fix. So he has turned to the public for help.

By donating anything you can, you are helping Heywood relieve the stress of having to decide whether to leave his home and face possible homelessness or stay in the house and face a rapid increase in health concerns and disabilities related to HIV.

To donate, check out his GoFundMe profile.