Gaga for the Lady

Lady Gaga cavorts in couture. She only dons platinum wigs that suggest the presence of radioactivity. And she yells for you to dance, all in tribute to her favorite muse -- fame.



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You hop on a girl’s lap in the video for
"Poker Face." Is sexuality-bending just part of your act?
I would say yes. I mean, I think I'm a
free-spirited woman, and I intend to continue to push
sexual boundaries in my work visually and musically.

Let’s say you're only allowed one decadent
lesbian fling in your life -- who’s it going to
be with? And who dominates during the proceedings?
I would say ... Dita von Teese. I have a total
girl-crush on her. And who’s dominating? I
think it would have to be an equal love-sharing. 

Though your biggest single thus far is “Just
Dance,” you said in an interview that you don't
consider yourself a dance artist. Care to explain?
I think that, especially since the word
dance is in the title, that sometimes, you
know, I've been called a "dance artist" a lot, but I
make pop music. And it’s got a rock 'n' roll heart
and a little R&B flavor in the melodies. The
lyrics are super twisted. I mean, it’s not a
dance record -- if you put it up next to an Ida Corr
record or a Bob Sinclair record, it’s not dance,
it’s pop. I want to challenge people to think
about pop in a less compartmentalized-genre kind of
way and just think of it a song. I think with this album
proving itself in the pop world, we can break out of
boundaries, think outside of the box, and do something
that’s a little bit left of center and still
get played on radio.

I take it we can only expect your gay following to
grow exponentially in the near future?
I want to keep making great music, and what I
love about the gay community and my gay fans is
there’s no getting anything past them. It’s
either great music and a great artist and a great dress or
it’s not, you know? [Laughs] The gays
are never afraid to go, "Honey ... I didn't like that
outfit." There’s a real honesty and trust with my
gay fans. I'm always going to be 150,000% percent loyal.

To me, it doesn't
matter if I make it big-time as a pop sensation, Top
40, playing in clubs, and selling out arenas all over the
world. The gay community is always with me. Always,
always. I'm not moving on or changing. With the gay
community, it’s always and forever.

The Fame is in
stores and on iTunes now.

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