The Soul of Seal

Armed with a new album of soul classics and his trademark blunt outlook on the state of the world, Seal sat down with to discuss the rumors that he and wife Heidi Klum would have left the country had John McCain been elected, the gay rights movement, and what makes Seal's sound so damn sexy.




There are many political songs on the album like "A
Change Is Gonna Come" and "People Get Ready." Where do
you think the gay community fits into those political songs?
The same applies, I would have to say -- a
change is gonna come. I do believe in the rights of
gay people to be married. I don’t believe that
you can say "change" with one hand and say, "But yeah,
change only for a certain few." I think this is a
different generation; these are different times. We
live in the age of new media. The world is a much
smaller place. The world is a much more educated place. The
world is a much more conscious place. The world is not
able to be divided by misconception and misuse of
religion anymore, which contributes to all the
divisiveness or the prejudices between heterosexuals and the
gay community. Many religions say it's not holy. Well,
as far as I am concerned, that's bullshit! There needs
to be change right across the board.

The gay community has always been a fan of yours
-- since your days of electronic and dance music in
the early '90s.
Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

When did you realize you had a gay following? When I played in San Francisco -- every time I
play in San Francisco it goes off! Also, when I play
in certain parts of Europe like Austria and
Switzerland, where they have a huge gay community. Like guys
and guys making out in the front row!

[Laughs] It's funny, every time I hear
"Crazy" it reminds me of the first time I kissed a guy.
Really? Well, see, there you go, man, you took
my advice -- you're never gonna survive!

What do you think of Alanis Morissette’s remake
of "Crazy"?
I thought it was great and I was flattered. You
know, we are really fortunate as artists to be given
the position to do what we do. Anytime that somebody
is brave enough to cover one of your songs, I think that is
the highest accolade. You can put that up there with me
winning a Grammy. I just think it's amazing.

You've always had an incredible sense of style.
Does this come naturally or do you have a glam squad?
Well, first of all, thank you! [Laughs] I
haven’t been feeling very stylish recently. No,
it's something I’ve always been quite fond of.
It's something I always found that works hand in hand with
music. I have a passion for style and clothes as much
as I do for music. I get turned on if I see my
favorite designer, Carol Christian Poell, make a new coat.
It's amazing -- it's like buying a piece of art.

Do you ever get tired of singing "Kiss From a Rose"? Yes! [Laughs] No, I don't, that's a joke.
Anyone who is fortunate enough to have one hit like
that in your life, you never get tired of singing it.
I like it; I'm proud of it.

When can we expect an album of original material?Very, very soon, there is going to be System
. It's going to be real sexy, real up-tempo -- just
sexy as hell! 

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