With Love, Yoko

Yoko Ono speaks out on behalf of gay rights, has had four dance mixes reach number 1 in the past decade…and she Twitters. Now, how many septuagenarians can you say that about?




What is your perspective on the recent developments
in the marriage-equality fight, and what words of advice can
you offer to those who have been discouraged by the strength
and pervasiveness of the forces working to keep the status

It's a need to flex their muscles on the part of the
conservative element. I think the same-sex marriage people
should not give up the dialogue. It's historically
important for the future generation to know that a dialogue was
necessary at all.

After the success of all the remixes that you've been
releasing, done by so many amazing musicians, have you
considered recording all-new collaborations with any of those

I will be in the studio this year to record some new stuff with
my old partner: my son.

Do you have any art projects in the works?

Yes. Several. You will probably hear about them. It's a
very exciting year for me.

You chose an island off the coast of Reykjavik, Iceland,
as the location for your amazing Imagine Peace Tower. What
are your thoughts on the financial turmoil that has struck
that formerly idyllic nation? Also, how do you feel about the
Imagine Peace Tower's home nation being the first in the
world to have an openly lesbian prime minister?

1) The whole world is
expressing financial turmoil, as you know. Iceland is
singled out in the press since it has been a country which has
been working especially well for so many years in so many

2) I am so glad I was
led to build Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland. It's
giving people light.

3) I think it is good
that the prime minister was chosen for her political ability
and not for her sexual preference.

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