With Love, Yoko

Yoko Ono speaks out on behalf of gay rights, has had four dance mixes reach number 1 in the past decade…and she Twitters. Now, how many septuagenarians can you say that about?




A new generation of American activists has felt a surge in
confidence recently after using new media and the Internet to
help them organize and get Barack Obama into the White House.
Do you have any advice to young people about how to go on from
here? How can they continue to promote peace and effect
positive change, outside of getting the right politicians

Imagine Peace is still very necessary in this world of
confusion and violence. Politicians always need the help of
grassroots power, especially that of the youth.

Throughout your career you've found a careful balance
between creating music that's easily accessible to the
mainstream and music that's very experimental, and perhaps more
personal. Do you think it's important for artists with a
message to make their work appeal to popular audiences, even if
it may mean sacrificing some of its uniqueness? Have you ever
made conscious decisions about targeting your work to specific

I take my cue from breathing. I'd like to think that my
work makes people breathe better. The work sometimes is simple,
so it makes people breathe better. Sometimes it's complex,
so it helps people to unwind the strings of complexity binding
them and limiting their freedom. I never pondered if my work
was unique or not. That is not the criteria in which I

Do you think it's more important to find personal happiness
through art, or bring happiness and inspiration to others? Is a
small, quiet life of personal accomplishment less meaningful
than a life of altruism that affects many?

Life is a form of giving. By giving to others, you are giving
yourself as well. Example: By saying "I love you" to
somebody, you are saying it to yourself and to the universe at
the same time, as we are all one. Knowing this is knowing the
secret of life.

-- With love, Yoko

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