Faithfully Speaking

Marianne Faithfull spills some juicy details about her life -- including romps with women, her now infamous OD in Australia, playing God, and her new album Easy Come, Easy Go .




That dark parallel -- between your life story and artists
like you just mentioned -- do you ask yourself why it is that
you survived when others didn't?

No idea. I cannot believe it. I know there's so many times I
should've just died, especially in Australia [where in 1969
Faithfull took an overdose of sleeping pills that resulted in a
six-day coma].

You also cover a recent song by Morrissey, who's a big fan
of yours. Was that his doing, or did you seek it out?

Hal [Wilner,
Easy Come, Easy Go

's producer] found it. The minute I heard it, I thought it
was a fantastic, gothic, transgressive song.

How aware are you of your gay fan base?

Oh, I am all there! I think it's one of the best things for me,
because it helps me keep up my standards, you know? [

] I know I have to do things like have my manicure and pedicure
and wear diamond earrings and all those things -- my
gay fans care. Scrub up properly! [


Besides the obvious, being your charm, wit, talent,
intelligence, and beauty-

Ah, darling!

Why do you think you appeal to gays and lesbians?

Well, of course I have dabbled in lesbianism. And I've
always had a lot of gay friends. It's a natural thing to me,
because I really like people who don't judge -- I don't
judge people, and the nearest thing I can find to people who
don't judge are usually gay.

I mean, what else could
it be? Outcasts together? I've never seen gay people as
different. They're just the same as me. We're all in this
together. Does that make any sense, or is that terribly
patronizing? [


As you said, in the past you explored bisexuality. What led
you to that?

I was 17 and this beautiful girl, who was gay, we just ended up
in bed together. My poor mum walked into the bedroom! [

] And she said nothing. She just shut the door and never
mentioned it.

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