Faithfully Speaking

Marianne Faithfull spills some juicy details about her life -- including romps with women, her now infamous OD in Australia, playing God, and her new album Easy Come, Easy Go .



Well, I think there are a lot of other good qualities you
have as a person as well that you're not so eager to voice
-- but I'll do it. I'll sing your praises and you sing
the Kurt Weill.


] Thank you. Don't make me do it.

You've worked with some fantastic artists on your
albums. Anyone left you'd still like to record with?

Morrissey. I think that generation is perfect for me.

Do you see yourself in the newest generation of artists,
whether they're musicians or actors or others?

Not exactly. I'm not the right person to do that. I
don't think of myself much in my "iconic
capacity," 'cause I think of myself here and now, but
I have to remember that everything affects everything.

Who are your heroes?

Oscar Wilde. Elizabeth I.

And you're a
South Park

fan. Do you have a favorite episode?

Yeah, I do. The one with Britney Spears. Have you seen that


] I have, it's grisly! She shoots half her face off!

It's so good.

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