The Last Baron of New York

Artist Baron takes his act from Jersey to New York -- paying homage to everyone from Grace Jones to Aretha Franklin -- with his new album Celebrity .



Artist Baron has always
been a star: with good looks, raw talent, and an unwavering
determination to outshine everyone around him. A
multidisciplinary artist, Baron is back with his sophomore CD,

, a 14-track collection of pop-meets-electro beats. Equal parts
Jungle Brothers, Esthero, and Labelle,

is a celebration of enjoying life to the fullest.

Influenced by an array
of musical artists (David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, and
Goldfrapp, to name a few), Baron's critically acclaimed
Troubled Man

, was met with rave reviews. Now, fueled by the success of his
club-banging new single, Baron is ready to show the world how
to "Party With b." Isn't this so ironic: You are releasing your sophomore

, as we sit inside Virgin Records, which is closing
most of its North American stores.Baron:

It is pretty crazy that after all these years an institution
like Virgin Records is closing down.

Who will carry your records now? This smells like a Ponzi
scheme. A conspiracy theory.


] I know, right? It's a good thing that I distribute my
record through my own label, B Sexy Records.

I have a confession.

What is it?

Secretly, I've been following you since I saw you
leaving Zara a few years ago. I thought to myself,
Who is this gorgeous creature?

I mean…you look like a modern-day Grace Jones.

Thank you! Actually, when I was in high school I pursued being
a model and entertained the idea of fashion design. I love the
works of the avant-garde: John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, and
Raf Simons.

Now that I've just revealed myself as a stalker, tell
me, Who is Artist.Baron.

Baron is a New York City employee by day, artist by night. I am
a graphic designer, poet, lyricist, and entrepreneur. I hail
from the Newark, N.J., area and have been a resident of
Brooklyn for the past five years. I am one of five siblings and
the only one raised by my grandmother, whom I absolutely

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