The Last Baron of New York

Artist Baron takes his act from Jersey to New York -- paying homage to everyone from Grace Jones to Aretha Franklin -- with his new album Celebrity .



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So then you decided to venture into New York City? What was
that like, coming from the suburbs of New Jersey?

I would sneak out of my grandmother's and head down to the
Village with no money. At this particular time I was scared to
take the subway anywhere else, so I would just walk around for
blocks and blocks.

In NYC? All alone? You're lucky the wolves did not eat
you up.

I enjoyed walking the streets and finding inspiration; one
could not find that living in the suburbs. I would
people-watch, and it was the best education I ever

What do you search for in a mate?

Creativity, honesty, outrageousness, and sexy.

Hmm... Maybe your future mate will read this interview?


] Let's hope so!

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