Moore to Love

Mandy Moore returns with a crafty new album that proves some "Candy" can mature into more substance than sugar. On topics from her gay brother's pre-Prop. 8 marriage to those Britney comparisons, Mandy doesn't hold back.



So between Saved! and showing off your Mblem fashion line and dirty mouth on The Tyra Banks Show. you've done some really gay things. Ha ha ha ha! They are? All right, cool!

Well ... one could say that? Sure.

I may get in trouble if I write that down. Ha ha.

What's going on with your fashion line? I've actually put that on the back burner for the time being. It's a difficult time in the world to have creative control and be at the helm of something like that, especially when you can't be around all the time to see things come to fruition the way you envision them. I'd love to get involved in the fashion world again when the time is right and I can do things the way I envision them. I got into it to watch my vision come to life. It wasn't necessarily happening in the case of Mblem. It was fun. I had a great time, but I think my time and effort probably are best spent in other areas. I like having a full plate, but there are lots of other things that I can concentrate on.

In all seriousness, you're really becoming a true creative and multifaceted artist who keeps pushing herself. What would you like to do that you haven't done yet? Hmm. Career-wise, I'd love to do Broadway one day. It's always been one of the biggest goals for me. Not sure when, but one of these days when the right project shows its face. That's the ultimate dream for me. Other than that, I'm not quite sure. I want to continue on this path that I've found myself on ...writing music, touring the world, making films that I'm proud to be a part of. Whatever the next chapter has in store for me.

Broadway -- you kind of started out doing theater ... As a kid, yeah.

Who do you want to work with? Or what play would you want to do? Oh, my goodness ... I think if there's an original show, I'd be definitely interested to hear more about that. But I love classic stuff too; I love Guys and Dolls, and my friend Lauren Graham is actually playing Adelaide on Broadway right now, and I would love to see that next time I'm in New York. I love her. She is just ... a genius and a girl's girl and funny and talented and beautiful. I don't understand sometimes ... I have all these friends who are so talented and it's just like, good gracious, why aren't these the most famous people in the world? She's one of those people to me. Like, whoa! But yeah, Gypsy,Guys and Dolls. I guess when the time is right, I'll probably know.

Are you planning to tour with this album? Nothing's been solidified to this point, but I'm hoping that, come summertime, yeah, we'll take it on the road.

I heard Lilith Fair is coming back… Oooooh! That would be purr-fect. That's totally my cup of tea.

It would be perfect. Give Sarah a call. [ Laughs ] I know. I wish I had her on speed dial. I'll have to ... I'll have to track her down. And beg for a place on the tour.

You don't need to beg.

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