How did your star come about?
They choose about 25 a year, and
I’m sure that they get thousands of applications. Somebody -- I’m still
not sure exactly who -- applied on my behalf. It’s not like they give you
a warning ahead of time. I found out the day that the press
announcement was made. The timing is kind of funny. It’s synonymous
with my 20-year anniversary of record making. My first album came out
in 1990 [on Capitol], but it was delivered in 1989. As gay as
it sounds [laughs], it’s exciting. It’s like a little piece of old
Hollywood, and I get a chance to have it there, hopefully, forever. And
don’t you know that if I’m in town I’ll be right there, with a bottle
of Windex and a rag.

If the star is meant to honor your body of
work, has it made you think about where your career is right now? Have
you reached a certain level that you’re comfortable with? Or do you
want to be Kenny G?

I don’t want to be anybody other than me, I’ll
tell you that much. I feel like I could sit here and say, "I’ve sold a
lot of records, I’ve traveled all over the world, I’ve met presidents
and royalty -- wasn’t it wonderful?" Or I can look forward and say,
“Yeah, it was wonderful, but my best days are ahead of me.” And that’s
the way I truly feel.

Even with the CD business in crisis mode?
may not be the CD business. The live business is booming. And I’ve
always looked at new ways to expand that are kind of unusual. [In
August] we debuted a brand-new Napa Valley wine, three different
varietals, available in 40 Whole Foods stores in California, Arizona,
and Nevada, and every dollar that I make goes to my pet charity, the
Starlight Children’s Foundation, which I’ve worked with for about 20
years. I know that the people who appreciate my music, generally
speaking, love wine as well. So this seemed like a logical next step.

don’t want to do anything that’s just comfortable, that I’ve done
before. I want to be stretched and prodded. This morning I got invited
to play the Nobel Peace Prize concert with a 60-piece orchestra, and I
can’t go, because I’m on my Christmas tour. I can’t feel bad about it,
because I’ve got a monthlong Christmas tour that’s jam-packed. But to
me, in a nutshell, that’s what my life and career is about right now --
being as open as possible to the new things, the new experiences that
push the envelope for me.

Right after you came out in The Advocate, you made People magazine’s most eligible bachelors list. Are you still a bachelor?

I am such a bachelor. [Sighs dramatically] Yes, I’m a bachelor.

When’s that going to change, Dave?

don’t know. I’ve thought about this, and it isn’t like I haven’t had my
share of dates and, um, enjoyment of life, if you will, but as far as
settling down and having a little quieter life, that may come a little
later. I’ve made peace with that. By the same token, I remain open to
it happening at any time.

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