You had a cameo on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker when your brother was featured. Would you be willing to do the gay version?
asked me to do that. [Laughs] I was mortified. I don’t want to parade
[my dating life] around on television -- let alone on Bravo, which every
single person in the world seems to be watching.

Not long
after you came out, you said you noticed the increased visibility of
gay fans at your concerts. Has that settled in now? Is there always
going to be a little section of Dave Kozdom occupied by your gay fans?

they don’t sit in their own section. But I have been seeing that, and
nothing delights me more. The thing that kind of energizes me most
[during a concert] is looking at the audience and seeing the wide swath
of different people. It’s the miracle of the concert experience: You’ve
got all these disparate souls, all coming together, with different
problems and issues in their lives -- family issues, work issues, romantic
stuff, whatever -- and it’s the performer’s responsibility to take all of
that energy, going in a million different directions, and center it all
so that the shared experience can be meaningful for all these different
people. That’s the thing I love most about performing -- that joy of
bringing people together for a shared experience you can’t get in any
other way.

So with all the talk about how iPods and the Internet
are isolating people, you believe that the core musical experience is
still the collective one.

I really believe that. That’s the reason
why we’ll always have concerts. You can’t watch a DVD of some concert
and have that same collective experience. And you don’t feel the same
way in a movie theater.

But in between shows, we still need CDs -- or at least iTunes. Do you have a title yet for your upcoming album?
don’t, but we’ve been playing one song on our summer tour called “It’s
Always Been You,” which I wrote with Brian Culbertson. I really love
that song. You know how you can bang your head against the wall, trying
to work through things, and then all of a sudden you get the answer
that you’ve been searching for this whole time, and in that moment you
realize it’s been in front of me this whole time. And I think that’s an
emotion that a lot of people can relate to.

That song is putting
out into the universe a call for that person in my life -- where all of
a sudden he shows up and it’s like, it’s been right here in front of me
this whole time and I never realized it. When it’s destiny, you don’t
have any questions about it. I’ve not met that person as of yet, but I
have faith that he’s coming, and it will feel that way when the time is

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