You’ve had a couple of forays into reality TV -- your family’s
House of Carters show on E!, your date with Kathy Griffin on My Life on
the D-List
. Is there anymore reality TV in your future?

I don’t
think so. If I did one, I’d have to do something that could help the
world. And I believed that I was doing something that could help the
world and could help my family. But I always want to do something that
will help other people, as well. So it would have to be a positive
show, a positive spin.
[Lately] I’ve been filming independent
movies, writing movies, and acting. I’m so passionate for the arts and
theater, especially because my grandfather was an arts teacher. He was
an actor, as well. So it’s in me, and it’s in me to get better. My
objective would be to go along the more credible side of… you know, not
necessarily do reality TV, but do movies. I write my own screenplays
and I just got done writing -- and acting in and directing -- my own short
film, so that’s what it’s all about for me: the creative side of
things. As long as I’m creatively involved, I’ll do something. And who
knows, the next [place] you may see me…is on Broadway.
Do you have something lined up for Broadway?
necessarily, because I’m on tour for the next six to eight months, but
after we’re done with the tour, that’s what I’m talking about. Either
Broadway or the West End in London.
What’s your movie about?

a thriller-horror sort of thing. I’m fascinated by the paranormal; I
have been my whole life. So it touches on the paranormal side of
things, but more from a subtle, love-story approach. It’s the first
movie [I’ve ever done], so it’s not going to be perfect, but I did
everything myself so that I could learn it and experience it. I did all
the casting myself, I did all the budgeting myself -- I did everything. I
worked it out, paid my money. I directed it. It was very guerrilla-style
filming, but the idea was to experience it and see if I really loved
it. And that’s why I’m going to continue to write and, when I get time,
direct my own things. I do want to come to it from the darker side of
me. That’s a side that I don’t get to show often because I am from a
pop…a lighter side when it comes to my music. So it gives me a chance
to be the Mr. Hyde.
Sounds like you like to keep busy.
I’m always busy. Fitness is my other number 1 priority.
Has fitness helped you to overcome your struggles with addiction?

The number 1 therapy, to help yourself out of depression, is physical
activity. It stimulates the brain and it helps you to overcome that. It
gets your blood flowing. When I started getting physically sound, it
helped me out of the dark holes that I may have been in for whatever
case that may be in the past.

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