Although you make music for everyone, your song lyrics are very personal, so the questions are bound to come up ...
Yeah, exactly ... but I think it’s important to do music for everybody. But I think that, most important, if you’re gay or eccentric, if the music is great — music is all about feelings — then people don’t care about that. It was the same for black people in the years when there were racists and all that stuff, it was really hard for artists like James Brown and Diana Ross. But even white people who were racist appreciated the music because they ... liked it and they were dancing to it, and that’s beautiful, I think.

Do you think that people get stuck on certain things about you, like your image or that you are gay? Are people listening to your lyrics?
I hope. I hope that people are listening to the lyrics and they’re not just seeing.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?
Um ... [Pauses] Oh, that’s hard. It’s an odd question. I think I want to ... in the beginning, when you do music, it’s to share it with lots of people. And that’s it, in fact: to share it with people all over the world.

So what’s next for you?

Maybe a second album and lots of other creations. I’m really excited about that because it’s gonna be different and ... it’s great to change and do some different stuff. And it’s important for an artist to do lots of different stuff because you learn. To learn about you and share it with lots of people.

Do you have any other favorite artists?
Recent, or ... ?

Anyone. Who inspires you?
Boy George, David Bowie. I really appreciate recently Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, and Kate Nash. I really appreciate those artists because I think they are sincere. And they’re natural. That’s what I like.

Lady Gaga leaps to mind when I think of you because of your distinct personal styles.
Yeah, I just saw her in concert. She’s really, really great. I love her. She really impressed me when she was doing some acoustic stuff. She has a nice voice and she writes some beautiful songs. She’s one of the most important artists of this century, I think, right now. She’s going to be huge, and it’s great to have an artist like this.

Would you do a duet with her?
Oh! Yeah, why not? But when you are going to work with another person I think it’s important for it to be natural. You don’t have to meet the person in a serious hope [of recording with them].

You seem like a serious musician — like you’re not just about selling records.
Oh, thank you so much. Yeah, it’s important for me. I think it’s the most important thing in this business. People right now are always thinking when you’re different or eccentric or something like that, you like marketing, you know what I mean? [Like] Lady Gaga. Right now all these people are telling me that Lady Gaga likes marketing because she looks different, but I think she can be ... she’s also sincere, even if she is different or eccentric or something like that. So it means a lot to me. I am different, but I am sincere. [Laughs] I am sorry that my English was so bad. [Laughs]

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