Weather pushed the outdoor show into the hotel’s lobby, but Gossip took it in stride, with Ditto jumping off the stage and bouncing around with the crowd.

She even closed with a joke, “What did the egg say to the water? I just got laid by some chick, so it might take me a while to get hard.” And soon after they left the stage the band members were on their way for an appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly and tour dates in Japan.

Gossip has come a long way since it started making records a decade ago in Olympia, Wash. In June it released its major-label debut, Music for Men, on Sony with esteemed producer Rick Rubin at the helm.

As for the switch from indie labels, Ditto says, “It feels really comfortable, actually. There are a lot of resources that we never had before — it gives us a lot of freedom. And we don’t have to worry as much about where our rent is going to come from.

“Also, if we have some crazy idea, we can ask the label for it and maybe we won’t get it, but maybe we will,” she adds.

Ditto has also come a long way from growing up gay in small-town Arkansas. “It was really confusing because I thought from a young age that I really didn’t want to be gay.” she says. “I was talking to my friend who grew up in Kentucky about growing up Southern Baptists, and it was crazy how from such a young age it was instilled in us to be afraid of burning in hell forever.”

When asked if she’s had any consequences after coming out publicly, Ditto responds with a laugh, “You mean besides going to hell?

“When I was a kid it wasn’t very nice. Having short hair in high school was such a dangerous move — it was such a bold, crazy move. People would say, ‘You’ve got to be gay,’” she says with a surprisingly fast Southern drawl. “I was so beyond it by the time I was in the seventh grade. Being made fun of something I was good at; I was really good at taking it — that’s why I’m a good bottom to this day.”

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