Even though Ditto says her family’s “really cool,” her sexuality does prompt interesting stories.

“At Thanksgiving about three years ago, my aunt — I have a really huge family, and this aunt is one of 15 children, and I’m one of seven children — and with all these little kids (and a horse) running around my aunt says, ‘I always wanted to know, how do y’all do it?’

“I’m like, ‘Aunt Susie, not in front of the horse!’”

Another aunt, Ditto recalls, “came up and touched me on the shoulder and was very sincere and said, ‘I hope you have a good time on this earth.’”

Because she’s going to hell? “Yes,” says Ditto, without skipping a beat, “I thought that was really cool though because I don’t give a shit about God. I thought that was very kind. I’m glad someone’s looking out for my soul.”

It seems it’s more the God thing than the gay thing that worries some in her largely religious family. “They’re always obsessed with how I don’t believe in God,” she says. “I just don’t believe in God. You don’t believe in Santa. Whatever.”

Ditto does, however, believe in Christmas. “I’ll tell you what I’ve been listening to lately — Christmas music. I love Christmas!” she says. “I have major holiday plans,” which include a Christmas Eve sleepover and dinner. “There’re like 10 people staying at my house,” she says.

As for a New Year’s resolution? “I wanna lose 10 pounds,” she answers with a laugh.

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