What was it like working with Joan again?
We’ve been able to rekindle a friendship that was lost when I left the Runaways, so there’s a lot of unfinished issues that neither one of us were aware of. When I left the group, I really thought that she wanted me out, that all the girls wanted me out. It turns out that that wasn’t the truth and that Joan was really pissed, that she didn’t want me to leave. It was a complete lack of communication by that time. We were all so tired. We never had a break.

What was it like returning to the studio — as the Runaways — with Joan after more than 30 years to record the film’s soundtrack?
It was like time stood still. We never missed a beat. We went right in and cut the songs like we did 35 years ago and it was fantastic. Our voices still blend so well together. Literally it was just a take or two and we were done. [Laughs]

Would you ever record with her again?
Of course! Absolutely! Working with Joan is just incredible. She’s a fantastic artist. There was always this magic there with the Runaways and it’s still there.

What was it like being at the Sundance Film Festival in January for the big premiere party for the film?

It was great to sit there watching Joan, one of the greatest female performers of all time, with Kristen and Dakota. It was absolutely fantastic. I’m living my dream. I’m living the dream that I gave up on 35 years ago, and it’s just remarkable that the Runaways are getting the notoriety now that we deserved back then.

Would you ever consider reuniting the Runaways?
Well, without [drummer] Sandy West it’s kind of impossible. Sandy was ... there’s just no one like her. When Sandy passed away, that whole idea kind of went with her. But you never know in life. We never thought this film was going to happen. I never thought I was going to have the opportunity to write a book twice and get a second chance. I don’t ever say no, something could never happen, because this movie and what Kenny Laguna did with my book, it just shows me that anything is possible. But we kind of knew that when we were in the Runaways. We kind of knew that anything was possible. We just didn’t think it would take 35 years! [Laughs]

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