Angelo Garcia: "I Came Out Before Ricky"



ANGELO GARCIA PROMO 2Was she supportive?
No. She had what I call the textbook Christian response. I carried a lot of guilt in my heart for being gay and a lot of fear because of the wrath of God. My mother loved me no matter what, and she always told me that. But she had that fear too. The fear of what society would do to me. So I went to therapy sessions to see how they were going to make me straight. I did it to humor my mom — “If you think you can fix me, if you think I’m broken, OK.” Ultimately, I knew this wasn’t something she could change, and I wanted her to see that. She’s done a 180. She’s totally supportive. She’ll go to the gay clubs, dance with the boys. I’m really lucky to have a mom like her, because a lot of people don’t.

When did you first know?
[Laughs] I have to thank Madonna for this one. I was watching Truth or Dare, and she tells Slam, one of her dancers, truth or dare. She dared him to kiss another dancer. It was the first time I’d see a boy and boy make out. I got very aroused. That was the first time I realized, Wow, you’re gay.

That’ll do it.
[Laughs] I went into the bathroom, looked into the mirror, and I don’t know ... I just sort of told myself I was gay.

You have a new album coming out. How long have you been working on it?
Probably for the last six months. I’ve been writing. There’s some writers who go, “Oh, I need to write my next song.” So every day they’re trying to figure out a formula that works for them. I need to live life and experience life and take from my life. So when I wrote this album, I needed to have life as my inspiration and as my muse. I just finished writing the 14 tracks. My website is finally up [] and we teamed up with a website that helps fund artists to create their music through the support of friends and fans. We’re getting the fans involved, hands-on, in the creative process. The fans are going to pick the first song we’re going to release. You can find out more about it on the website. We’re doing it like this because the music industry has changed so much. We had to find a way to morph with the industry.

Do you want to continue pushing this independently, or do you think eventually you’d like to sign with a label?
My ultimate goal is, me being a creative person, the music, regardless of whether I become a huge star or not, needs to get out there so I can share it with the world. The creative process, for me, is self-gratifying. I don’t know if we’ll stay indie or go with a major label. For me, this project is right now in the fetus stage. For me to find a way to birth it and share it with the world, that’s the biggest goal. As long as I can do that and continue to do what I love, that will be the most gratifying thing.

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