Angelo Garcia: "I Came Out Before Ricky"



ANGELO GARCIA 2 X390 (DENNIS DEAN) | ADVOCATE.COMYou’ve recorded albums and taken long breaks in between. Why do you keep coming back?
I can’t see my life without music. It’s something that, regardless of whether I ever become a huge star or not, I will continue to write songs. It’s something I can’t shake. It’s in my blood.

So when you’re not singing, what are you doing?

This is going to surprise you, but I love to work out. [Laughs] I’m very outdoorsy. After my go-go dancing days, I got over the nightclub scene. When I go to a nightclub, it feels like work. I love to go to Muir Woods. My partner and I like to do silly things. Last weekend we went to a water park. I felt like I was 10 old again.

You weren’t much older than that when you did Menudo.
[Laughs] No, I wasn’t.

Looking back on that time and kind of seeing what’s happened to Ricky and with his career, when he came out, were you surprised? Not that he was gay, but that he said it?
I was so proud. Ricky Martin has the kind of popularity that can change minds. People like Ricky, Ellen ... people that are gay that have a mainstream appeal ... people like that can make a community realize, “You know. We’re not much different than you.” We’re all the same. So when he came out, I was so proud. If more artists like him — and there are so many — were brave enough ... because there’s still a lot of hatred. I learned that when I read some of the comments on my interviews. In the Latin interviews there was still a lot of hate. He has the power to help change that, and I’m so proud that he’s going to be able to do it.

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