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JENNIFER HUDSON MAIN IMAGE B&W X390 People often compare you to Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle, but please just go with me on this, I like to think you’re the new Sylvester. You both have the strong gospel background and can hit and sustain those unbelievable high notes.
Oh my God! That is so crazy. You know what? I just discovered that man for myself. One of my security guards just introduced me to him. I’ve been intending to look into Sylvester.

You should cover one of his songs. “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” would be epic. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something.
Yeah, I guess it is.

I know a lot of your gay fans are waiting for you to put out a kick-ass dance record. When is this going to happen?
Well, there’s a dance song I just did with David Guetta [the Grammy-winning producer]. It’s going to be on his album so look for that. On my album I think there’s a lot of uptempo beats that you can groove to. But a dance record is definitely in the pipes.

One of the highlights of your new album is “Feeling Good,” the Nina Simone song you sing in the Weight Watchers ads. What appealed to you about her or that song in particular?
I think everybody appreciates Nina Simone. That people from the Weight Watchers campaign came up with the idea of me doing the song. I just wanted to take whatever was in me and had provided my inspiration to lose weight and put it in the bottle and pass it on to everybody. This was the perfect song to do that. Clive loved it so much that he thought it should be on the album and I loved it too. And even though it wasn’t originally connected to the album it felt like it belonged on the album.

In recent interviews you’ve shared that your son is already very musical and even compared him to a little Michael Jackson. Do you think he's bound to follow in your footsteps?
Like my Mama always told us, “No matter what you do as long as you’re happy, Mama’s happy.” He’s very musical. He has his own microphone stand at home. If you’re on the piano or you turn on some music, it’s just over. He’ll be in the back of the car while I’m driving and his shoulders are going and his head is bopping and he’s tearing it up. That’s all day, every day. So it looks like he’s going to be musical and if he is I’ll love it. [Laughs]

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