Catie Curtis Wants to Marry You



Tell us about the process of orchestrating your album, which was fan-funded? What was the decision behind that process, and were you able to incur more freedom?
I actually didn't seek it out. Over the years, I guess I've had 10- and 15- year relationships with some of my fans. And as I see them go through their professional lives, I'm really amazed and proud of what they've been able to accomplish. So I found some interest from them over the past couple of years, for them to be in my inner circle, so I formed an advisory board because I didn't start out as a business owner, I started out as a musician. I'm not particularly well equipped to be a business owner, so this board has been able to open a lot of doors for me. We were approached by someone who was actually interested in funding the record, and that was so humbling, to have someone offer to do that. It was great because I was thinking about the limitations of a budget, and this person said, 'Make the record you dream of. Make the record you want to make." So, I got to work with some folks in L.A. who work with Ray LaMontagne. I love his band. I basically hired musicians, who are known for interpreting the lyrics of the song that they're playing, and an engineer who really captures this live feel in the studio. You feel the humans behind the instruments.

And this team has included women business owners -- one owns a graphic design firm, one owns a social media company, there's a business school professor, and a record label executive, so it's been great to get business advice from fans who are very successful at what they do, and have offered to help. The music business is ever-changing. You have to be a survivor, you know? [laughs]

What made you want to become an ordained minister?
It came from, again, this long time relationship with fans, where a lot of people my music was in their lives when they were getting together with their person, and deciding to get married. And a lot of people have said that they've played my music at their weddings. So, first I played at a couple of people's weddings, and then I was watching someone officiate, and I thought, "I could do this!" It felt like a very natural extension for me. I'm comfortable talking about love, and I'm very drawn to the idea of a wedding ceremony -- how do you put it together? What do you really want to say with it? How do you make it express what you as a couple want to say as opposed to what's been doing traditionally? So I've really enjoyed creating ceremonies for couples, and then getting up there and standing with them as they're exchanging their vows.

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