Pop Star Activists Tackle LGBT Bullying With Videos



HOLLY ELLE FREAK VIDEO BLACK GIRL (ELLE) | ADVOCATE.COM “Bullying is something we’ve all had experience with,” says Elle, who wrote the song with Canadian singer-songwriter Freddy Litwiniuk “Bullying is something we’ve all had experiences with. Whether we were the victim, the perpetrator, or a witness, we can all relate and it strikes a chord. This video is for anyone who has ever felt different, so that they may see that being different is beautiful.”

A classically trained Canadian crooner, Elle has one solo album and two group CDs under her belt and a fast-growing LGBT fan base. But, she wants everyone to think of her, too, as just one of the freaks. She points to her own lyrics: “As the song says, ‘It really don't matter if a girl do a boy do a boy do a boy do a girl do a girl do a boy.’ The whole point of the song is to say that sexual preference doesn't matter, and it feels contrary to the message to turn around and say here’s my preference! So the answer is I don't say. I'm not interested in labels.”

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