God-Des and She: Hip Hop Hot



As the gay rights movement continues strong in 2011, what is one thing that you believe people should be doing to make equality and acceptance the norm?
God-des: Being out and being visible is the single most important thing that every LGBT person can do.  The more our neighbors, co-workers, schoolmates, teachers, friends and so on know who we are and like us, the more tolerant they will become.

Who are some acts that currently inspire you two as performers?
God-des: K'nann, Florence and the Machine, Adele, Mumford and Sons, BOB, Scissor Sisters.

Who are you two listening to right now?
God-des: K'nann, old school hip-hop, Florence and the Machine, Lovers, Lupe Fiasco.

After moving to New York City together in 2004, both of you took odd jobs to support your aspiring careers. Have you reached success at a level where music and performing supports you?
God-des: Yes, thank God! It's been a long road since we were slicing meat and selling beer in New York. We have been full-time touring musicians since 2006. And that is because of our awesome fans who always come to our shows and play our music for their friends and co-workers. Thanks homies!

If not music is there another profession you could see yourself in?
She: I would be a chef and God-des would be working for dog rescue organizations.  

Do you see an increase in the acceptance for LGBT performers in the mainstream entertainment industry?
God-des: Yes, we do see a shift. I think people just want to hear good music. Most people don't care who is performing it, they just want to relate to it.

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