Porcelain Black: Black in the Saddle



Ever since her debut single, “This Is What Rock N’ Roll Looks Like,” pop-rock singer-songwriter Porcelain Black has been wowing LGBT audiences with her fierce, raspy vocals, two-tone hair, and bad-girl attitude. She’s released a handful of singles while fans wait for her new album (to be released in early 2012). She toured with Nicki Minaj and Travis Barker, appeared in videos for Swizz Beatz and Jeffree Star, and made her television debut on Late Night With David Letterman Show last July. Now the rocking chick in killer platforms —whose newest release, “Naughty Naughty” (2101 Records/Universal Republic), hits iTunes today — talks to The Advocate about her hairstylist dad, being a runaway teen, and whether or not she kisses girls too.

The Advocate: You’ve said everything you do is a mix of light and dark. Has it always been that way, even during childhood?
Porcelain Black: I’m the same person now that I was, seriously, when I was 5. I’ve always said what’s on my mind and went against the grain even if people didn’t approve. So, I guess, yes.

You’ve got a sort of primal scream you can do that no other performer can. How long did it take to perfect that?
I’ve always just been able to scream. It isn't something I had to practice or work on. I’m a screamer. Meow.

Since you’re enormously popular in clubs, I’m sure you know you have gay fans. But what about lesbian fans?
I have both. Since a lot of my music is about women’s empowerment, I know a lot of strong women relate to it.

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