Porcelain Black: Black in the Saddle



Porcelain Black 02 X560 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COM We hear a lot of female artists talk about experimenting with their sexuality. Can I ask if Porcelain Black has kissed a girl and liked it?
I’m an equal opportunist.

Is there one overriding thing you hope people who listen to your music take away?
Confidence, strength, empowerment, and an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.

You’ve been compared to a couple of artists, like Joan Jett and Courtney Love, in part because of your presence more than your music, I think. Which female performers do you look up to and why?
Aaliyah was one of my favorites growing up. She’s fucking hot and her music’s dope! I know I don't do R&B/hip-hop/pop music but she was a huge inspiration to me. I was crushed when she passed away.

A lot of your songs deal with not belonging, which I think is a message that really resonates with how a lot of LGBT people feel. What made you feel like you didn’t belong?
Closed-minded people and their closed-minded opinions. Fuck them right back. If you can't think outside the box, then you ain’t getting’ in my box. [Laughs]

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