Editors' Personal Madonna Moments



Diane Anderson-Minshall, executive editor:
In my high school, girls were divided between those who followed
Madonna and those who followed Cyndi Lauper — it was really a division
between the popular girls who liked Madonna and the freaks who liked
Lauper. I remember being really torn at the time because I wanted to
dress slutty like Madonna but I was clearly a freak like Cyndi and I
believed Lauper to be the more talented performer and I was sure she was
queer at the time (and Madonna, well, at that time she was dating
Jellybean Benitez so that kind is the antithesis of lesbian). But then
we had a talent show and this very beautiful blond girl performed "Like a
Virgin" and I was hooked. I bought a cassette of Madonna's first two
albums and later I married that girl. When we divorced, we split the
cassettes. I still have mine somewhere.

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