Editors' Personal Madonna Moments



Neal Broverman, senior editor:
I was so excited to attend my first Madonna concert back in September
2001. Then, 9/11 happened and the world changed. The Drowned World stop
in Los Angeles, scheduled for a day or two after the terrorist attacks,
was pushed back a few days but the show did go on. I was in a limousine
with two friends and an ex of mine. It was a heated environment,
everyone was anxious over what happened on the East Coast and the limo was
filled with romantic tension exacerbated by free booze.

the time we got to Staples Center, we were all hammered. I remember
hearing "Holiday," and sort of recall "Frozen" and "Don't Tell Me," but that's about it. Madonna
briefly mentioned the terrorist attacks and she seemed uneasy. On the ride
back in the limo, a meltdown of a fight occurred between my
friends, my ex, and me. It was an uncomfortable, though unforgettable night.
Seven years later, I was in another limo, heading with two of the same
friends (no ex) to Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour at Dodger Stadium.
We were hours late because protesters had blocked many of L.A.'s major
streets following the passage of Prop. 8, which happened the day or
two prior. The city was at a standstill — before getting in
the limo at my apartment, I got off an idling commuter bus and
walked home. When we arrived on Sunset Blvd. in the limo, the traffic was
unmoving. The driver drove in the middle turn lane, bypassing all
the cars waiting to turn into Stadium Way. While the cars who did the
same thing were turned back around by a traffic cop, our limo driver
yelled, "Jump out now!" We did and walked up towards the stadium. We got
into our seats and the show started three minutes later. The stadium
was beautiful, she was wonderful, and it was a major win compared to
2001. Madonna even consoled us for the stinging defeat of Prop. 8.

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