Aiden James: The Folk Musician Goes Pop



AIDEN JAMES 02 (RUSS HICKMAN) X390 | ADVOCATE.COMIs your family supportive of what you do?
It wasn’t until recently that my family even knew what I did. I don’t know, they just don’t care or it’s not on their radar; a lot of people have different family dynamics and my family was never super close and I always would try to get out of the house. When I was in high school and middle school my family had a lot of shit going on and I got out as much as I could to do things like take karate. But we couldn’t afford it so I walked in and said, “Hey, I don’t have any money, but I really, really want to train.” I just always wanted something more and bigger than my hometown had. So, he took a chance on me. A year later I was teaching classes, and eight years later I was assistant black belt instructor at the school. So, I always sort of made it happen for myself and got outside of what my card was dealt.

With your family not really a major part of your life, did you fill that gap with something else?
I have a severe personality disorder. [Laughs] No. I have an amazing group of friends that are here in Philly. On tour you meet a lot of really awesome people and that sorta filled a dynamic in my life that is super rewarding. Let’s face it a lot of times my record is my entire life. It’s very consuming. And I think that kinda helps fill the gap a little bit. But, you don’t miss what you’ve never had.

Now that this album is released, what’s next?
Touring. And I am working on a move out west. I’ve been rehearsing a lot with some new equipment, vocal processors, pedals to distort or enhance guitar sounds, so basically when I perform you’ll get an advanced Aiden 1.0. Instead of Aiden with an acoustic guitar which people love but as a musician you get bored so you want to pull in some extra stuff to keep it interesting for yourself.

Watch James perform "Best Shot" below.

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