Music’s New Bright, Shining Light

An unlikely electronic pop star emerges from Wales with impressive lyrics and a smooth sound.



His debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, released last month, has already claimed the  number 1 spot on indie music blog Gigwise’s list of the “Top 25 Pop Artists Worth Listening” to, and a week later was named on the BBC Music Blog as one of the “Best Albums of 2012, so far...”

“Someone told me they thought the word 'hope' was negative — that it's indicative that things aren't working at that point in time, which was never my main thought about the word, so I'm careful when I use it,” he says.

While much of the lyrics on the album are about love, sadness, and want, the music doesn’t play from a place of heartbreak. The album itself is independent and nostalgic, yet fresh. The themes are complex, adult, and poignant. “Grace” speaks to the gradual and calculated decision to end a relationship, while “A New Word to Say” sings about two people desperately working to make their incompatibilities fit together, and “Waiting for the Feeling” is a power-pop track about taking back control of your life.

As hope is the title focus of the album title, Thomas explains, “I try and remember to be grateful for what's happening and what I have, rather than feeling that what may come is always going to be better or more exciting.”

Watch the video for "Make Me Believe In Hope" below.

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