WATCH Lesbian Musician Maia Sharp Tackles Silent Theater

We catch up with Maia Sharp on the set of her new music video, “Me After You”



She credits her father, songwriter Randy Sharp, as a major influence in her music career. “I feel like I’m writing with a friend,”  Sharp says. “I don’t have to edit what I’m saying because I’m talking to a parent. We can be real, and explore, and write the story.”
Because of her parents' talents, Sharp grew up surrounded by music — there was always a guitar or piano around for her to play. The osmosis worked and, at the age of 14, Sharp cut her performer’s teeth by playing the saxophone in various Los Angeles clubs. In fact, the tenor sax remains one of her favorite instruments. By 19, the budding artist began writing songs of her own. She fell in love with creating music and decided to make it her career.
Unlike many performers in the entertainment industry, Maia chose be open about her sexual orientation. At the age of 23, she came out as a lesbian.
“I have to say, it didn’t feel like a big deal,” she says. “I almost feel bad that I didn’t have a harder time, because a lot of people do. I wasn’t this hugely famous person when I came out. So, by the time people got to know who I was, it had already been out there for years.”
But even in her personal life, coming out was a non-event. “Family-wise, it wasn’t an issue,” Sharp says. “And that was total luck of the draw that I have folks who said maybe the coolest thing to me that I’ve ever heard as a reaction. They said, ‘You know what? If we have a problem with this, it’s our problem, not yours. So we will work it out.’ And that was that. They totally love and embrace my partner of 15 years. She’s family, so I’ve been very lucky on both the personal and the business fronts.”
Sharp’s partner, Meg, visited the theater earlier in the day. Blonde and affable, she greeted everyone on set by name before watching Maia perform. “She looks good,” Meg says. "But then, she always looks good.”
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