The Irrepressibles Lead Singer Talks About Being Gay and the Men He's Loved

Jamie McDermott, out singer of The Irrepressibles, discusses his new album, his influences, and being gay in the music industry now.



Jamie McDermott of The Irrespressibles
Jamie McDermott of The Irrespressibles

Jamie McDermott, lead vocalist for the chamber ensemble The Irrepressibles never felt the need to hide who he was. Though the music industry may not always be the most accepting towards gay people, he felt it was such a strong part of him it couldn't, and shouldn't be repressed. After releasing the video for their latest single, Two Men in Love, which shows two men falling in love, and all of the affection that comes along with that, Jamie sat down to discuss his band's latest album, Nude and, amongst other things, being gay in the world of music.

Where did the name The Irrepressibles come from?
Its about breaking boundaries in music and being honest about being gay in music. 
How would you describe the new album, Nude
It's a story about being a gay man. My story and one at times about those I've loved. Some songs I wrote when I was only 19... and others more recently. 
How have you found being an openly gay singer in the music world? Has there been much resistant or do you find general acceptance when dealing with other singers and bands?
There has been a lot of resistance from the music industry. It can be quite a conservative place. Other bands have been pretty supportive I'd say. 
Are the songs autobiographical? Do a lot of past experiences and situations influence the majority of your work?
Yes I only make autobiographical work for The Irrepressibles. I was quite a troubled child and this is a kind of catharsis for me. I'm an obsessive and so I can't help composing and inventing in my head. 
How was it growing up gay in England? What are your thoughts on the passing of gay marriage recently in the House of Commons? Do you think there’s been a shift in your country?
There's a massive shift internationally. It is a beautiful moment for homosexuals. We are reaching nearer to equality but there are still those that are bullied, tortured and killed for being homosexual. There is still a lot to do.
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