ARCHIVE: Sting on Kissing Guys

Sting's coming out with a new album? Let's look back fondly at his 1996 interview with The Advocate.



The Advocate: You've always been candid about representing yourself as a very sexual person. I read how you do yoga to enjoy sex longer. Has your sexual appetite ever led you to a homosexual experience?
Sting: No. I haven't had a gay relationship — although I do have very close, loving relationships with the men I work with, other musicians. It's a very tight community, a very close bond — and I love it. But it's not sexual.

The Advocate: How do you draw the line?
Sting: Well, thanks to the gay community, we men can actually follow our feelings and demonstrate our affections for each other without being afraid. I'm perfectly willing to hug the people I work with. I do it all the time. I think the generation before us — our fathers — they would shake hands, and that would be it. There would be no hugging or affection.

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