Pet Shop Boys Remix Irish Drag Queen's Powerful Speech Against Homophobia

The legendary music duo give drag diva Panti Bliss's hard-hitting speech on homophobia an upgrade with ‘The Best Gay Possible’ remix.



Irish drag queen Panti Bliss took to the stage of Ireland’s national theater, the Abbey, February 1 to deliver a powerful speech explaining the effects of homophobia and the oppressive environment antigay attitudes can foster for LGBT people.

Bliss, also known as Rory O’Neal, delivered the moving monologue as a response to controversy surrounding comments the performer made during a January interview with an Irish radio station, when he called out a number of newspaper columnists for writing homophobic opinion pieces.

Now, the legendary musical duo Pet Shop Boys have given the drag diva’s inspiring speech a fabulous makeover by incorporating Bliss’s commentary into a new dance track, “The Best Gay Possible.”

Listen to the full song below.

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