#TBT: Platter Party

We celebrate Throwback Thursday with a few museum pieces from our archival record collection at the offices of The Advocate.




It was a more patient time. Can you imagine sitting in your living room in a nice Eames lounger listening to Christopher Isherwood read A Single Man in his reedy, dry-as-burnt-toast voice? Make yourself a nice Rob Roy to sip.



Party records.

Invite all the boys over and have a listening party. We suggest gin. On this list: Jim Bailey — actually an amazing talent, his Judy Garland is astonishing; Bette Davis Sings — That's a lie; Co-Star with Tallulah Bankhead — the record that invented Lypsinka. You can act along with Tallulah here; Geraldine: Don't Fight the Feeling (are you listening, Tyler?) — Flip Wilson kills; Rusty Warren in Orbit — straight people's camp. Funnier and funnier the more you drink. The first really raunchy lady on record; The Art of Ruth Draper — the opposite of Rusty Warren, Draper was cerebral, moving, and deeply funny. Annette Bening just did a one-woman show of her work here in L.A.; Tallulah again in All About Eve. Can you imagine her line reading of "Fasten your seat belts"? Interesting to note, the real event that inspired the author of the story that All About Eve was based on was an incident in Tallulah's life.



Odds and ends.

Paul Lynde in all his angry, closety glory; Merv Griffin was a recording star before his talk show and game show empire was built; Zebedy Colt was the first man to record love songs to men (we think, so let us know if you know different.) He was also a porn star in straight films; We are not sure if Peter Berlin actually sings on this. We imagine him to sound a bit ike Marlene Dietrich; the Master, Noël Coward's best album.

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