#TBT: Platter Party

We celebrate Throwback Thursday with a few museum pieces from our archival record collection at the offices of The Advocate.



Amused and disturbed all at once.

Anything we say about these album covers could put us in legal hot water. Write your own captions.



Music all the kids like these days.

I can't believe that the editors critisized this piece telling me that no one would know any of the people on the previous pages. "Does it have to be all gay people?" they whined. They asked that I get some more contemporary album covers. I don't know the sexual orientation of all these fellows, I haven't slept with all of them. So here you are, kids! Wham!'s Make It Big — make what big?; Freddie Mercury's Made In Heaven — a rainbow chubbie. Subtle; The Very Best of Peter Allen — forget the album, where can I get a silver waist cincher?; Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits — has anyone ever seen Barry and Barbara Walters in the same room?; Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road needs no comment; Luther Vandross's Your Secret Love feels cryptic and sweetly sad; Paul Williams's Songs for the Family of Man boasts the ultimate aviators; young unknown David Bowie had a pert little shag on his first album cover.

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